Educational application

Live Center

A revolutionary project in the educational field, as it works to facilitate the students’ communication with their professor in an easy and simple way without complication while preserving the material, and moral rights of the teacher, by means that a student chooses the right teacher for him through the list of teachers and their own Categroise chosen by The student, to determine the type of educational material and the cost of a class, and the student reserves the class by communicating with the teacher via chat to pay him directly, then the teacher generates a serial for the class after payment so that he can use it to attend the class on time, the educational class will be via a live broadcast via the application that determines The number of views and the number of students inside the broadcast live, and the teacher can expel any student who is violating and alert his guardian, or open the camera to a student without his knowledge, so that he can know whether a student responds to the educational material or not? And if it is not possible to expel the student and inform the person responsible for the student, and also the student can evaluate the teacher after completing a class, where the total of these evaluations appears to the students when the class is booked so that he can review the teacher’s quality through the platform.


Mazen Alsayed.


May, 2020